MUSCLE Recovery

Percussion muscle release with the hypervolt + Muscle stimulation with heat or ice

$50 | 30 minutes

With our Muscle Recovery Treatment, you can expect to start with percussion massage therapy with the Hypervolt to one area of the body. This type of targeted deep tissue massage can help relieve common muscle pain and stiffness, improve range of motion and blood flow, and accelerates warm-up and recovery. Followed by the Hypervolt, you will receive therapeutic heat or ice in combination with Interferential Current to the same area.


Interferential current therapy helps to relieve pain and accelerate the self-healing process. The high frequency signals of an IFC penetrate through the skin into deeper lying muscle tissues. Electrodes are placed on your skin around the specified body part. The Interferential Current device then transmits electrical impulses in minute quantities through your skin. Underlying tissue and nerves are stimulated which begins the healing properties. Frequencies produced by the IFC have been proven to stimulate endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.